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Stephen has recent experience in designing and delivering the following people skills training for professional and personal needs. 

* Personal Effectiveness

* Building Emotional Resilience

* How to Manage Stress

* How to Deal with Difficult Situations

* How to Communicate Better

* How to Handle Difficult Conversations

* How to Provide Better Customer Service

* How to Prepare for and Manage Change

* Managing People

* Skills for the Professional Interviewer

* Written Skills and Techniques for Business

Stephen believes in providing the support that is appopriate for you and your need.  By chatting to you before any training, together we can analyse your precise needs and find out the best method to use in order to accommodate your learning style.  This leads to an appropriate 'bespoke' design just for you, and quick delivery followed up with ongoing support.  The use of an action plan can track your progress and give clear evaluation at a later stage.

For sample handout materials and further information of these training events, call Stephen on 07720 433 392, or email him on