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Taking charge of your life

How about you - or you and your team - taking 'time out', spending some valuable minutes sorting out that work-life imbalance?

By completing the Life Circle exercise for ourselves, we can really see how we spend our 'normal' day... and from this we can ask ourselves:

  • do we really have the balance right? 
  • what actions do we need to take to redress any imbalance? 
  • what are the consequences?

By completing the Wheel of Life exercise for ourselves, we can assess the most important aspects of our lives, and how we measure up at any point in our lives... and on reflecting on our analysis, we can decide

  • what actions do we need to take in the short-term, the medium-term and the longer-term?

From carrying out such short exercises, then why not draw up an Action Plan and monitor your progress over a period of weeks and months?  Very soon, you will take more control of your life, knowing the value you have on people, and situations, and recognising what provides you with more fulfilment.

Programmes for teams can touch on the benefits of Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Mindfulness where appropriate.  So, why not go ahead now and Take Charge of Your Life?  Give me a call on 07720 433 392 or send me a message on the 'E-Mail ME NOW' page on this site.  It could be the most significant personal decision that you will ever make...