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Supporting people through Stress

The incredible experience of COVID-19 worldwide has added to many of the stresses and pressures we have felt up until now.  We need to take stock, take personal responsibility and take charge of our life.  That is far from easy. 

We all experience stress, but we don't have to endure constant undue pressure.  Stress is an essential ingredient in life giving challenges and actually keeping us alive.  Constant pressure is overpowering, making us ineffective in every aspect of our lives: not only our work life, but our home and social lives...and constant pressure can become dangerous.  As a result, stress is often seen as negative.  However as a motivator, some pressure can help and spur us on from time to time.  The secret is managing the stress for ourselves and not allowing to overwhelm us every day.  But since our definitions of stress and pressure vary so much - what stresses you as a person may not stress your closest colleague or friend in the same way - any solution to coping with stress is likely to be different and customised for each person.

For over 30 years, I have supported individuals at all levels (in the public, private and voluntary sectors) who feel they just can't cope.  This has involved finding out about the current environment / context of the organisation as well as the personal issues being experienced, and customising appropriate training sessions on stress management, building resilience, handling difficult issues under pressure.  Why not give me a call on 07720 433 392, or send me a message at with your contact details.  Together, we can then decide how best to deal with your concerns.

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