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Serving Customers

We often talk about 'customer service' as if it's an abstract concept.  Far from the truth!  Don't we remember vividly the horrid experience we endured at the bank, the supermarket, the garage?  And don't we all tell our family and friends of those terrible moments when we were made feel small, when we waited in long queues, when we didn't get what we were promised, when our expectations were not even considered never mind met?

Put yourself in your own customer's you serve your customer as you should?  Do you deliver what they need...or what they want?  Or are they second place?  ('Work's great if it weren't for the customers...')

If we believe in putting our customer as the focus or the centre of our business, we will often need to change the culture of our team and our well as changing our individual behaviours and style of work.

For more support as you strive to serve your customers better, contact me through the 'E-MAIL ME NOW!' page.  If you'd like a booklet, a copy of a recent presentation, or if you'd like to discuss how to take this forward for yourself, your team or your organisation, give me a call on 07720 433 392 or send me a message at with your contact details.