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Preparing for interview


Are you about to put yourself forward for an interview?  If so, you should remember that those few minutes in a peculiar environment with some people youíve never met, could determine the rest of your life.  Itís your livelihood thatís at stake: your future and also that of your family and friends.  All of that suggests that youíll want to prepare well for that meeting, do all that you can to control your own space and time before and during the interview, and prepare for the aftermath, whether itís a positive experience or not.  Life doesnít come to an end once we leave the interview room. 


For a brief guide on preparing for and managing interviews, contact me through the E-MAIL ME NOW page.  

This guide includes the following:

1. Why should we structure answers?

2. Tips on structuring interview answers

3. The Funnel Technique used by interviewers

4. Examples of Questions seeking evidence (Positive and Contrary evidence)

5. Making a Lasting Impression at the Interview

6. Dealing with the Aftermath


After reading the guide, I encourage you to write down the actions you know you will need to take as you prepare for the big day.  The more we feel in control of ourselves, the more positive and self-confident we will feel on the day.  Few of us enjoy the experience, and preparation is time well spent.


Also...if you're about to sit on an interview panel, you MUST be trained in accordance with legislation and best practice. Are you familiar with the current approaches to elicit relevant and useful information from candidates? 


If you'd like more guidance, coaching or would simply like to read the guide as a prospective interviewee OR for training as a prospective panel member, please call me on 07720 433 392, or leave your details on the E-MAIL ME NOW page!  Introductory conversations at no cost: competitive rates for further meetings.