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Leadership is the process of inspiring others to work hard in order to accomplish important tasks.  It is not the same as Management.  It is often regarded as "the added dimension" to Management.  Good leaders are not necessarily good managers.  Good managers do not necessarily make good leaders. 


So, what do you think makes a 'good' leader? 


If a leader has Developed, Inspired and Encouraged his or her staff to a point where they will D I E for their leader, then perhaps that leader could be considered as being extremely successful!  Think about what legacy you are leaving your colleagues, your staff, your family.  How are you steering them?  Then ask yourself, "what do I need to do improve my leadership?"


There are many ways and methods of developing leadership.  My aim is to develop an individual's skills so that he / she will not only want to be a leader, but will eventually be the best leader.  A good start for an individual might be to complete a questionnaire on a personal basis.  This will help you consider and identify what you personally need, and stimulate you to build on those skills, while reinforcing those you already use effectively.  Contact me to discuss what's appropriate for you: Go to the 'e-mail me NOW' page.


Management is the process of planning, organising and controlling the use of resources to accomplish goals.  There are many different styles of Management.  Management should not be seen as a concept akin to a mathematical solution.  Just as there is not one right solution for every management problem, there are many different ways of getting work done and achieving results through others.  The more appropriate approach to Management will vary depending on the people and the situations concerned.


A manager is a person responsible for the work performance of one person or more people.

Management development involves training directed toward improving a person's knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of management.

First, identify what you consider makes a manager effective, then together we will consider your management style and discuss and practise the skills needed to improve your competence as a manager (at whatever management level you find yourself). Contact me on 07720 433 392 or at