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Often teams within organisations can benefit from independent, impartial facilitation - someone to guide through change or discussion in order to reach an agreed direction... 

Facilitation is a specific skill, and involves a degree of responsibility from everyone concerned.  Its value is often underestimated because of fear or ignorance.  It is built on trust and recognition that everyone has the potential to contribute something that is of benefit to the team or the organisation.  As facilitation takes place at different levels, I will first of all consult with you and agree the best approach in order that together you meet your agreed outcomes.  You can consider the right location, the right agenda and what you want from this distinctive process.

I can offer experienced facilitation in the following areas:

* board or senior management team meetings

* business / strategic planning / OD events

* team briefings, discussions and meetings

* team development events

* action learning sets

* project teams

If you would like to discuss further how I can help, call me on 07720 433 392, or send a message using the 'e-mail me NOW!' page.