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Executive Coaching / Personal Coaching


Coaching is a dynamic activity, enabling learning, and leading to a difference of performance. 

The fact that you want to be coached and supported suggests that you want to be the best.  I want to help you be the best.  Let me know how together we can work to make that happen for you.  I have coached staff at the most senior level (Permanent Secretary in the public sector / Chief Executive in the private sector) as well as at middle management and junior management / support levels.  Regardless of your current position, I would like to help you become more effective.  Why not go to the 'e-mail me NOW!' page, state your request in the panel, and we can discuss the best approach?  I look forward to hearing from you!

Perhaps you have a specific goal in mind where coaching might help... about to apply for a new job?  taking on a new responsibility?  finding yourself in an area of work where additional external support might be useful?  On the other hand, you may not have a particular short-term focus in mind right now, but you would value some professional support as you consider your own personal development.



In the first instance, I can meet you for an introductory session at no charge and with no obligation.  It is essential that any coaching relationship must work, so a conducive rapport needs to be built between the coach and coachee.  If we both feel that our relationship might help, then we can arrange a series of meetings as appropriate at a competitive cost.  The coaching sessions can take place at mutually convenient times, and at a suitable location.  At any one time, I deliberately limit the number of coachees, in order to focus on individual needs and requirements. 



There are a number of different coaching models available.  The highly acclaimed GROW model might work for you...

But whatever coaching model you prefer, the main stages include:

1. Building rapport and trust to a point - gaining commitment from a coach, possibly through a contract;

2. Getting to know ourselves better - analysing our competences, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges aided by a coach;

3. Agreeing a series of objectives - agreed with a coach, these are intended to help move from the vulnerable to contented state;

4. Working through a series of relevant exercises and studies, and discussing what is preventing us from being more successful - usually over a period of agreed one-to-one sessions with the coach (either face-to-face or by telephone);

5. Action planning  - aiming to ensure that the learning is applied and practised with support from a coach.


For more information, contact Stephen on 07720 433 392 or go to the 'e-mail me NOW!' page.