Training, Coaching, Facilitation, Consultancy

Thanks for turning to my website.  My aim is to help you develop your professional and personal potential.  In most cases, it would be disingenuous for me to INSTRUCT you exactly in what to do, to SHOW you precisely how you must do it, or to MAKE you behave like anyone else.  That is what is fascinating about working with people.  We are all different, so a customised personal solution is usually the best outcome for us all.

I bring over 35 years of experience in the HR field, working across Northern Ireland, Ireland, the rest of the UK, and across continental Europe.  A little further on in this site, you'll read more information about my skills and experience.  In short, I identify training needs and deliver learning and people related solutions, providing appropriate customer support as I design customised programmes through Training, Coaching, Facilitating, Consultancy.  I also support HR professionals from time to time according to needs of their business areas.

Hopefully somewhere in this website (which continues to develop, so do keep returning), you'll find a reasonable flavour of what I do, and how either I, or my network of friends might help you.  Whether you are corporately placed in an organisation or an individual interested in personal development, I encourage you to take 'time out' and think about how your development by enhancing your people skills and influencing others positively by reaching higher levels of self-confidence in yourself and raising your performance.  In many cases, I will not have the skills you may have, but in most cases, a conversation will help stimulate you into action.

If I am unable to help personally, it is likely that I could direct you to someone more qualified.

Feel free to contact me in due course - go to the EMAIL ME NOW! page - and we can arrange a first meeting or a conversation without any commitment.

If you think training is expensive, imagine how costly things become when staff are not equipped for the workplace!